July 30, 2016

One Word Weekend ♥ The 'Schmoopy' edition

Just for fun (and because he dared me to), Tim and I bring you One Word Weekend, The Schmoopy Edition!
Do you know the word?
Do you engage in Schmoopy behavior?
Check and see!
You see, my boyfriend (we wish there was a better word for this, but we have yet to find one!);
He and I, a.) like Seinfeld and b.) may possibly engage in Schmoopy type behavior
We keep it low key, I promise!
We like each other, we like us and so...
There is a little Schmoopy going on.
I promise, we are not ANYTHING like the Seinfeld version!

The Urban Dictionary defines schmoopy as:
Having or showing fond feelings or affection; loving and tender. Excessively sentimental.

That's not so bad, right?

To be honest, showing affection to one another is a very healthy part of any relationship.
Life can be pretty stressful on a daily basis, so why not have a little fun?
Laughing, smiling, being schmoopy....
All fun!

So next time your sweetie is feeling a little down...
Share this!
How can you not smile?

Not your usual One Word Weekend, but you probably learned a new word, right?!

Make it a great day!

I love you, Schmoopy!!

July 29, 2016

Friday is here!

We have reached the final Friday of July.
My goodness, where has the summer gone?
It is a warm and somewhat humid day here in Michigan and there is a chance of rain.
I sent my kiddo off to Texas for 4 days and I am off for a weekend away with my sweetie.
It is definitely a low-key day and my mood pretty much matches the weather.
It has been a week of ups and downs.
My emotions just don't know what to do with everything and so I feel a bit like I am on idle right now. I don't think that is a bad thing, just sort of cruising on through.
I am really looking forward to the quiet weekend with my man; I am not sure I have ever needed it more than I need it this week.
I got in some nice workouts this week and I am feeling pretty good overall.
As you know, I am all about walking right now and grabbed a 5K yesterday morning before it heated up.
The picture shows just how tired I feel and it took me a ton to get out the door.
I grabbed my Motivation Wraps from Momentum Jewelry; I love them so much!
I ♥ being an ambassador for companies I truly believe in.
I chose 'Begin Within' and 'Just Breathe'.
It takes one person to get things done and that is you.
Today, I opted for a couple of workouts.
 Workout 1 was a circuit with weights and compound moves.
Compound moves are my favorite - It maximizes my time.
I am absolutely loving the fact that the surgery arm is looking good!
I'm even starting to see a little hint of muscle returning.
I was feeling good this morning and so I headed out with no distance in mind.
The weather was perfect for a morning run, but uh...that would be a walk for this girl.
2.25 miles
I had some texts with friends along the way and a chat with my sister.
What a great way to start the day!
To be honest, the day wasn't filled with too many things.
I packed, did my toes and got everything for the weekend.
I felt like I needed to relax today before I headed off to work and on the road for my couple's weekend.

I hope you have had a great day!

July 28, 2016

Sometimes we all need a little reminder...

You ever look in the mirror and not like what you see?
Maybe it is your hair (those greys seem to come from nowhere!), perhaps you don't like your smile, or maybe it is as broad as you not liking how your body looks.
I think we have all been there at one time or another; maybe felt that way far too often.
Right now, I don't like a few things that I see when I look in the mirror...
I have some spots that are softer than I would like them to be.
It bothers me that my arm is still wiggly from surgery; it has kept me from being comfortable in tank tops this summer. 
One thing that doesn't reflect in the mirror but is still there is my relationship with food.
I spoke Monday about my history with eating disorders, in case you missed it.
There really is not a time that I feel I am at risk for slipping back into some form of disordered eating, but I still feel that there are times when I have a crappy relationship with food and I've been in that area lately.
Basically, my body keeps coming up with new foods to reject and I have to go all Sherlock Holmes with my eating and figure out what things is causing me stomach issues now. Ugh!
To be honest, it makes me angry - Very angry!
There is no such thing as normal eating for me.
There hasn't been "normal" eating in my life for over 25 years and that stinks.
I get stuck with cruddy meals at restaurants, I can't go to someone's house for dinner and not have it turn into an 'all about me' event when it comes to what I can and can not eat. People seriously get offended if I can't/don't eat their food!
I am in a poor mindset in regards to what I can and cannot eat right now and I don't have to look in the mirror to face that one. It is (no pun intended), eating at me something horrible.
I know I will shake it off, but this is where I am right now.
For now, I am getting up, getting moving and just riding it out the best I can.
Yesterday was a weight lifting day and it feels good to be able to complete all the reps, even with the wimpy arm.
In general, I am not very body positive right now and so I decided to give my self a little reminder; a little reality check...
This is 14 years ago and down from my highest weight that had nothing to do with baby weight.
That's me. I know it's me. I see me, but I see a very unhappy me.
That is not who I am today.
I am stronger today; both mentally and physically.
I will not go back to the person I was.
We will have battle after battle in our lifetime and we just have to keep pushing forward.
We are going to get knocked down. We are going to get pushed back from time to time, but we can't stop.
There is no quitting.
There may be some crying here and there, but there is no quitting.
Just like you, I have to do whatever I need to do to drag myself forward until I can leap ahead with renewed energy.
There are so many amazing things happening in my life right now, I won't be held down by this temporary funk.

Stay strong my friends!